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Cannabis Essential Oil

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Cannabis Essential Oil

  • Health Benefits of Cannabis Essential Oil
  • Relieves Anxiety & Stress • Promotes Good Sleep
  • Boosts Appetite • Relieves Pain • Prevents Cancer
  • Improves Heart Health • Skin Care
  • Reduces Glaucoma • Eliminates Headaches




Cannabinolds Result
CBD Potential 0.17% w/w
Cannabichromene 0.38% w/w
Cannabidiol ND
Cannabidiolic Acid 0.18% w/w
Cannabidivarol ND
Cannabigerol 0.87% w/w
Cannabigerolic Acid 3.33% w/w
Cannabinol 0.15% w/w
THC Potential 60.36% w/w
Tetrahydrocannabidivarol 0.21% w/w
Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid 39.34% w/w
8-Tetrahydrocannbinol ND
9-Tetrahydrocannbinol 25.82% w/w
Residual Solvents Result
2-Propanol 24478 ppm
Weight-Solvents 0.2771 g
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